//Harstem wechselt von Mouse-Control zu Fnatic
Harstem zu Fnatic

Harstem wechselt von Mouse-Control zu Fnatic

Nach seiner guten Vorstellung während der DreamHack: Summer, wo Kevin ‚Harstem‘ de Koning unter anderem Marcus ‚ThorZaIN‘ Eklöf und Faton ‚LaLuSh‘ Rekathati besiegen konnte und einen Platz unter den besten 16 belegte, wurden einige Teams auf ihn aufmerksam. Nun hat der Niederländer sein bisheriges Team Mouse-Control verlassen und ist Fnatic beigetreten. Dort wird er in dem sogenannten Academy Team spielen. Der 17-Jährige hat vor Kurzem seine Schulische Ausbildung beendet und wird sich nun auf StarCraft II konzentrieren.

+ Kevin ‚Harstem‘ de Koning

“At Dreamhack summer I already spoke a bit with ToD and he really helped me prepare myself mentally before the games against Fraer. We went to eat and he told me what to focus on and what to think of. When I started playing I felt really relaxed and felt no pressure, I just wanted to do my builds and do well. I sadly lost, but I played well and showed some good games. After my run at Dreamhack Summer a couple of teams contacted me and the one team that really stood out was Fnatic. When the manager first contacted me I thought he was joking, because joining Fnatic was something that only happened in my dreams. After having contact for a few days with the manager of Fnatic I started chatting with Nightend, he helped me tons with my PvP and PvZ match-up. This amplified my feeling that Fnatic is the right choice for me and with the help of great protoss team-mates like ToD, Nightend, Oz and Ares I feel like I will develop a lot quicker and improve rapidly. I would like to thank Fnatic and all our sponsors: Raidcall, MSI, Steelseries, Eizo, Slappa, Bouncer4you, FShost OWN3D and DXRacer for giving me such a unique opportunity. I also would like to thank my ex-team Mouse-Control for supporting me for 2.5 years.“

+ Elroy ‚Noname‘ Pinto

“Today we bring in a youngster from Netherlands who surprised everyone with a good performance at DreamHack last month into our Academy. We feel he has great potential for the future and we want to give him that chance needed to take his game to the next level. With his high school now over he can focus on his StarCraft 2 career. We are extremely excited to add him to our roster and can’t wait to see him in the upcoming Summer LANs in Europe. We would also like to thank team mouse Control for being supportive of the transfer, being one of the leading organisations in eSports we respect every team and we made sure both parties reached a mutual agreement on a fee. A big thanks to our sponsors RaidCall, MSI, SteelSeries & EIZO.“

Lineup Fnatic:
Frankreich / France [protoss] Yoan ‚ToD‚ Merlo
Rumänien / Romania [protoss] Silviu ‚NightEnD‚ Lazar
Südkorea / South Korea [protoss] Hak Soo ‚Oz‚ Kim
Südkorea / South Korea [terrans] Han ‚aLive‚ Lee Seok
Südkorea / South Korea [terrans] Park ‚Rain‚ Seo Yong
Südkorea / South Korea [zerg] Han ‚ByuL‚ Ji Won
Südkorea / South Korea [zerg] Jang ‚Moon‚ Jae Ho
Niederlande / Netherlands [protoss] Kevin ‚Harstem‚ de Koning (Academy)
Südkorea / South Korea [zerg] Jo ‚Luvsic‚ Chang Ho (Academy)
Südkorea / South Korea [zerg] Hyun ‚DeParture‚ Sung Min (Academy)
Südkorea / South Korea [protoss] Seo ‚Ares‚ Chang Deok (Academy)
Quelle: fnatic.com

  1. skillah #1
    Nice so Talente bei solchen Clans zu sehen.
    Maxam #2
    Die Academy wird langsam was.
    Jesus_28014 #3
    Gute Entscheidung, der ist stark im kommen !

    Endlich mal wieder ein guter Holländer, viel gibts ja nicht außer ret und grubby
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