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# CPL without Nvidia and Intel?
Some exclusive information about the conflict between the CPL and their two mainsponsors.

# The Shortround contract issue
This article throws light on the details that are relevant in the discussion about the American’s transfer from mousesports to 4Kings.


# silver (on attax fall)
Silver talks about the split of germans top counter-strike-squad. He describes his point of view after the fall on ALTERNATE attax.

# forever (Q4-Player at tek9)
forever talks about his family, the last attended events and his gaming career.

# Zolex (Host at GIGA 2)
Zolex talks about his new Job at GIGA 2 and his move to Germany.

# Warden (Player at coL)
Warden talks about the WEG, his personal future and the eSports fans.

# ODEE (Manager at Dignitas)
ODEE talks about the recruitment of the upcoming German CS team which played for sharKz before.

# Xione (Player at NoA)
Xione talks about his new team NoA, the shgOpen 2006 and the WEG Master.

# Nordahl (Manager at mYm)
Nordahl talks about the WC3L VIII Finals and the issue with Korean player Susira, who played for mym although he had to go to the hospital during the weekend.

# Miou (Player at SK)
Miou is one of the best WarCraft 3 players in Germany, winning the ESL Pro Series three times in a row. In an comprehensive interview he talks about the WC3L, his teammates and the German EPS.

# ElakeDuck (during WEG III)
ElakeDuck is one of the best WarCraft 3 players at SK Gaming, participating successfully in the WEG 2005, sharing his opionon of the third season with our local editor.

# nOnAmE (Editor at mYm)
Being famous for his interviews with world’s best Warcraft 3 players it’s his turn in getting interviewed now.

# TheSlaSH (Manager at SK)
He is one of the leaders behind SK Gaming, a team which is known for its financial ressources and we talked about their teams, sponsors and other sources of income.

# zerogravity (Manager of mTw.wc3) After Rax announced his inactivity zerogravity is now on his own in taking care of mTw’s Warcraft-Team

# SIGUMA (Japanese PK Player)
Travelling all World Tour Stops but never advancing to the top spots, he speaks out about his life as a pro gamer.

# roofman (Clan Leader)
Being one of the few managers to call names and numbers, roofman offers insight on the split-up with his Swedish team.

# ElakeDuck (during WEG II)
During his stay in Korea, ElakeDuck made lots of interesting experiences that he shared with us in this interview.

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Video Interviews

# 4K^Grubby at RMC
# SK Denmark at ESWC
# Les Seules at ESWC
# aNouc/Lena of x6tence

ESWC 2005 Impressions

# Catz at play
# mouz vs. wNv
# GX3 at play

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# Quake 1 Impressions