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Maurice Gutmann
Dota 2
Deutschland / Germany Deutschland
Vega Squadron
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KheZu is one of the most noteworthy HoN players to switch over to Dota 2 and his transfer has been notified by alot of pro players. In HoN KheZu was a suicide/solo-player(offlane) where he excelled and even got an award for the "Most Valuable Suicide Laner of 2014", he likes especially farm-heavy, carryish heroes and he was the first person to ever reach 2100 MMR in HoN.

His main hobby outside of gaming is soccer and he is well-known streamer.

KheZu switched over from HoN to Dota 2 the fall of 2015 and was a hot topic before the rosterlock of the winter major. He was first rumoured to be playing with 7ckingMad, Kebap, mICKe and iNsania, but then registered with Demon, Jusin, Zyzzy and Kebap, which didn't last when Kebap decided to go with No Vaseline instead.

After the rosterlock KheZu joined Eskillz, Steffstyle, Pablo and Ash in their new team COOKISS.

After the Shanghai Major he joined syndereN's team No Diggity alongside Era, qojqva and YapzOr.


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