Startseite/Winstrike verpflichtet Hobbit, KrizzeN, Lack1

Winstrike verpflichtet Hobbit, KrizzeN, Lack1

Winstrike hat drei neue Spieler verpflichtet, darunter den PGL Major Krakau-Champion Kasachstan / Kazakhstan Abay ‚Hobbit‘ Khasenov. Au√üerdem wurde der ex-AVANGAR-Spieler Kasachstan / Kazakhstan KrizzeN zusammen mit dem noch sehr jungen Kasachen Viktor ‚Lack1‘ Boldyrev angeheuert.

W√§hrend Kasachstan / Kazakhstan Viktor ‚Lack1‘ Boldyrev von seinem ehemaligen Se7en direkt von Winstrike √ľbernommen wurde ist Kasachstan / Kazakhstan Abay 'hobbit' Khasenov aktuell nur auf von HellRaisers ausgeliehen und Kasachstan / Kazakhstan Aidyn 'KrizzeN' Turlybekov wurde vorerst nur als Standin bekannt gegeben. Ob das Lineup also auf l√§ngere Zeit so aussehen wird h√§ngt vermutlich von den Ergebnissen der n√§heren Zukunft ab.

Statement Ivan ‚Johnta‘ Shevtsov

We are very satisfied with the results of transfer window. This roster has necessary qualities for growth and has great perspectives. Experienced players will help young and promising ones to progress faster, while young players will energize the team. I believe in this team and look forward to the first LAN-tournaments, but there is a lot of work to do. And we, finally, are ready to start fully.
Hobbitis a player who went off the grid a bit. But let’s not forget that he has been showing high and, more importantly, consistent level of play on tier-1 level. He has had a lot of victories at the international level and his experience will help the team a lot in important moments.
Lack1¬†has a little experience of tournaments, but despite that, he is very confident of himself, quickly makes decisions, proactive ‚Äď that is what we need from a player of his role.
Speaking of n0rb3r7, I am sorry that he did not make this team. David is a talented player, who needs time and experience in a team to unleash himself fully. This time, he was not a good fit for the game roles, that’s why he did not make this team. But I am pretty sure that he has got a great future ahead of him




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