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„Despite the scene’s recent influx of players, the majority of top players are the ones who have been around for a very long time: Südkorea / South Korea Nachtelfen Moon, Südkorea / South Korea Ork Lyn, China / China Menschen Infi, China / China Menschen TH000, Russland / Russia Untote Happy just to mention a few. Every once in a while, we do, however, see a new name break through into the competitive scene. China / China Untote 120 especially comes to mind. With his late arrival in 2014 to the game’s competitive scene he started dominating from 2016. Today’s interviewee, USA / USA Ork Hitman, only just recently started playing WC3 tournaments, but he has sky-rocketed to the top of the American scene – widely regarded as the best in his region.

Hitman was recently invited to the main event of the scene’s most prestigious tournament, Warcraft Gold League, which will take place between the 23rd and 30th of November in Shanghai. Hitman will be representing the Western scene together with Ukraine / Ukraine Nachtelfen Foggy, Russland / Russia Menschen HawK and the defending champion Russland / Russia Untote Happy.“

  1. wolvi #1
    endlich mal wieder n starker Orc... hab seine Ergebnisse gesehen und mich erst sehr gewundert. dachte sehr lucky alles, aber er hat schon netten winstreak, das war nicht nur luck.

    war früher mit einigen NA Spielern von DuSt in einem clan, netter Haufen mit Talent - die sollte man nicht so sehr belächeln wie es immer viele tun.
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