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Johnta nicht länger Coach bei Winstrike

Nach sechs Monaten als Coach bei Winstrike muss Coach Ukraine / Ukraine Ivan ‚Johnta‘ Shevtsov die Koffer packen.

Statement Adalyat Mamedov – General Manager

After the building of the new lineup and the month of work, we realized that the vision of coach and players differed on the work process and team’s style. It does not say anything bad about the coach or players, they just could not achieve mutual understanding and synergy. That happens and everyone in the team understood that it would be better to resolve this situation right away. In this regard, I regret to inform that from today Ivan ‘Johnta’ Shevtsov is no longer the coach of CS:GO lineup of the Winstrike Team.

Johnta showed himself as a true professional, leader and mentor who knows the game very well. During his work in Winstrike, the team has grown tremendously, especially in tactics. We are grateful to him for the work he did and the team he gathered. We wish him glorious victories and I am sure that he will find a team which he will lead to big victories.



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