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SCILL Play WC3:Reforged Silver Open Cup #01

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We are happy to announce the SCILL Play WC3:Reforged Silver Open Cup #01!

Our new weekly open tournament will start this wednesday at 7:30pm CEST featuring a prize pool of 90€*. Everyone with an elo below 1900 is invited to participate and test their skills. We will the elo database to make sure all participants are within the allowed elo. Smurfing will result in ban from all future events.

If we reach 50 participants we will raffle off a Logitech G432 headset! You only have to participate to take part in the raffle.

To participate you have to register on SCILL play and link your account to scill.
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Warcraft 3 Tournament overview

WarCraft 3 Readmore presents: SCILL Play WC3:Reforged Silver Open Cup #01:

Link to the tournament: klick

Start: Wednesday, 07th October at 19:30 CEST
Check-in: Wednesday, 07th October at 19:00 CEST

WarCraft 3 Prize pool:

Erster Platz 1st place: 50€*
Zweiter Platz 2nd place: 25€*
Dritter Platz 3rd place: 15€*

*Prize money will be adjusted according to the participant count! Below 16 Participants will set the prize money to 20€ winner takes all.

WarCraft 3 Mappool:

• Amazonia
• Concealed Hill
• Echo Isles
• Last Refuge
• Northern Isles
• Terenas Stand LV
• Turtle Rock

WarCraft 3 Livestreams:


More livestream/casters are welcome! Just let us know in advance!

Link to the tournament: klick
Discord-Channel/Meeting place: Klick

Looking into the future!

We are looking forward to invest in Warcraft 3 longterm! If this tournament series will attract enough players during the rest of the year (at least 64+ players per cup) we will host a big final event in which the best players of all tournaments will play against each other. For that we will already start giving out qualifications points for your ranking within each tournament.



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