Startseite/herO vs DongRaeGu
finished 11.12.2014, 11:00 UhrWetten: 8
herOSüdkorea Südkorea
DongRaeGuSüdkorea Südkorea
  • Protoss herO
    DongRaeGu Zerg
  • Protoss herO
    DongRaeGu Zerg
Der Gewinner ist für die StarLeague qualifiziert


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    1. Gubbernecco #1
      Gab bereits nettes Drama beim Qualifier. Creator wurde von der Polizei abgeführt.

      Jin Air called ahead to SpotTV stating they may be late. Admins held a conference with the managers/coaches on site telling us what happened, stating they would like to let Jin Air play even if they arrive a little late. Jin Air managed to arrive on time. Creator did not. Creator found out what happened with Jin Air and was pleading with the admins for them to make the same exception, he got a little too emotional (As in sobbing/raising voice. Nothing I would have called the police for but enough to disturb the players in the admin's eyes) and mall security was called, then the police on site. He was escorted out.

      Daybreak im Mappool war wohl keine gute Idee
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