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League of Legends

MVP vs bbq Olivers

LCK Spring 2017, Spieltag 1

finished 18.01.2017, 12:00 UhrWetten: 96
Südkorea MVP93.75%
Spieler: ADD, Beyond, Ian, MaHa, Max
  • Blau - first pick
    Sion ADD
    Rengar Beyond
    Orianna Ian
    Jhin MaHa
    Nautilus Max
    Game 1 1:0
    Crazy Jayce
    Bless Elise
    Tempt Syndra
    Ghost Ashe
    Totoro Thresh
  • Rot
    Nautilus ADD
    Shyvana Beyond
    Ryze Ian
    Varus MaHa
    Tahm Kench Max
    Game 2 0:1
     first pick - Blau
    Crazy Jayce
    Bless Rek'Sai
    Tempt LeBlanc
    Ghost Caitlyn
    Totoro Zyra
  • Blau - first pick
    Maokai ADD
    Kha'Zix Beyond
    Ekko Ian
    Jhin MaHa
    Thresh Max
    Game 3 0:1
    Crazy Shen
    Bless Rek'Sai
    Tempt Taliyah
    Ghost Caitlyn
    Totoro Malzahar


  • Spiel Titel Sprache Zuschauer

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  1. zzOu #1
    Bbq Olivers...!? Wtf
    Funk1ll3r-___- #2
    Bbq Olivers...!? Wtf

    League of Legends team ESC Ever recently revealed a new sponsor, Lovely BBQ, a global food chain that sells fried chicken. With the new sponsorship, ESC Ever rebranded its team name to the BBQ Olivers and logo to a black hen wearing a battle helmet.

    Change in itself isn’t weird. Teams adjust names and logos in reflection of their sponsor all the time, but this might be the most ridiculous explanation for a change that we’ve ever heard. During a press conference, Lovely BBQ said that the logo is supposed to reflect “the tenacity, bravery and fighting spirit of a rooster.”

    ALEX0r #3
    Alter, ich war übelst druff, als ich hier meine Wetten abgebene habe. Natürlich rasiert hier bbq.
    Insane_ #4
    erster Penta der season oder?
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