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Roccat vs Alternate

CS:S: ESL Major Series III

finished 15.01.2009, 21:55 UhrWetten: 0
Spieler: eXce, rytme, 3k2, jIMMy, FeTiSh
Spieler: GreX, Head, JLN, ej, hossa
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Alternate|eSca:Welcome at the Playoffs! Our first game in the ESL Major Series Season III Playoffs. ROCCAT is one of the best teams all over Europe so we will have a hard game. We will do our best to try to win this game, but in order to all facts of the last days and weeks, it will be realy hard.
We wish all participants good luck and much fun and we hope to play a suspending match for all the spectators!

ROCCAT|jIMMy:Welcome to the first round of playoffs! Awesome to be there and hopefully we will go far in this tournament. First up we got ALTERNATE from Germany, definitely one of the best german teams out there, so it will be a tough game, especially straight here after christmas. But it will be fun hopefully.

cyaon 😀

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