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A-gaming vs 88-gaming


finished 30.05.2009, 16:00 UhrWetten: 252
Spieler: xaoc, strike, B1ad3, vad1k, weiss
Spieler: dedan, Mosk, koks, foont, ed1k
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Wegen unsportlichem Verhalten in der Gruppenphase, erhält 88-Gaming 6 Runden Vorsprung.

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  1. slixxer #2
    wat sindn 88 für spasten? o0
    John #3
    h**** halt. kriegen eh ins xsicht von AG
    Darky_9887 #4
    #2 + #3

    eher noch nicht so lange dabei?
    nf_- #5

    readmore.wc3 | eXit_ schrieb am 30.05. - 14:32:

    omg wie sich jedes mal irgendwelche lowbobs wie ihr über den namen aufregen...

    kennt einer von euch den hintergrund zu dem namen? bestimmt nicht, hauptsache erstmal drauf losflamen...

    wenn du ihn weißt, kannst du ihn mir mal bitte erklären? danke im vorraus :)
    dnu #6
    erklär mal bitte exit
    readmore.ultras | pazzo #7

    Darky schrieb am 30.05. - 14:34:

    #2 + #3

    eher noch nicht so lange dabei?

    doch doch schon ewig ;)

    sry flame aber konnte mich damals an attax gegen virtus oder so erinnern ?

    statt gg haben sie 45 geschrieben ^^

    mag ja auch schwarzen humor :)
    readmore.ultras | pazzo #8
    exit du flamest doch wenn du es weisst mach mal bitte den erklär bären thx ;)
    Laut erhält 88-Gaming einen Rundenvorsprung von 6 Runden. Gründe dafür sind nicht bekannt.

    otacon #10
    Der Rundenvorsprung beruht auf unsportlichen Verhalten seitens A-Gaming (in der Gruppenphase).

    Genau versteh ich die automatische Übersetzung nicht

    13:47 - Alexey "LeX" Kolesnikov, gives his comments on the emerging scandal of unsportsmanlike conduct A-gaming: "Over the past few years in almost all tournaments series ASUS occur here such classifications, some secret tricks, people are not in CS, and in the treaty any passion. I have now is not about any particular team or talking about the country - in no way understand it so. I am talking about the behavior. The fact that the guys who have not exactly come out of the group, announced that they must play to be banned except for ASUSe - this is absurd. And if they are late for a train: Yes, even if not late, then why in the past tournaments and a series of similar commands simply receive tehpory and went home. Here, however, they were a commitment play began its suicide timmeytov, attempts to merge the game. This is what in general? This is the best level of CIS-ASUS Masters tournament or what? This must stop on the vine and otvetka must be rigorous and instructive. 6 rounds away from the team in the play-offe, This, I think, about anything. Play-off is played on the system BO3 and 6 rounds of a particularly solves nothing. We should take away from the defaulter map. At the very least. The decision, I repeat, must be rigid and instructive.

    13:19 - Judicial Decision A-gaming will start his first game in the play-offah with the score [0-6]. This disciplined for unsportsmanlike conduct. Thus the opponents of A-gaming need to get all 10raundov to dislodge masthead Ukrainian team with ASUSa.

    12:58 - In the match against A-gaming t44 both teams persist and demonstrate a real spirit of champions - while playing each pyaterok trying to write a faster kill, to go from second place and not be caught in the ice rink KerchNET.

    12:45 - At this time neslabaya purse raised from A-gaming. On the one draw and one victory, AG beg the judge to give them the championship Teh.Por. We want tehpor, we have tehpor, put it, as if we were not at the game," - asks the captain AG B1ad3. OverDrive explained: "Ukrainians do not want to fall in KerchNET to play offe. Whether the fact that земляк&#108 0;, or from what is not confident of their victory and did not want to fly." However, against tehpora for AG players are 88 -- gaming. As AGne want to get to KerchNET, 88 also did not wish to be pleyoffe sA-gaming. Let's see how this situation will be resolved.
    Das scheinen die betroffenen Stellen zu sein.
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