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Alternate vs mTw

ESL Major Series IV

finished 25.08.2009, 21:30 UhrWetten: 165
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Da mTw aus dem Lower Bracket kommen, müssen sie zwei Maps gewinnen um den Titel zu holen.

aTn|eSca: „Final! We played a lot of matches in this ESL Major Series and we tried hard to get this time in this final. Our opponent mTw has faced us a lot of times in the last months. We were able to win the last two games and we hope to win this game too. The result, will be seen tomorrow at 21:30 CET. So we wish all players a good match and hope for a great match for our spectators.“

mTw-botman: „It’s final time. Due to the fact that redLine has been on holidays, we got a forfeit win in the consolation final and have to play vs. Attax again. Our last 2 matches vs. them haven’t been that successful, so we are very motivated to show our a-game this time to get back on the top. Since we have to win 2 maps, attax is the favourite team and we are the challangers, which means we can play without having any pressure to win this tournament.“

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  1. Zappa #3
    Sh4d0wm4n #5
    mtw - auch wenn sie noch nicht eingespielt sind :-)
    fAbiAn_11812 #6
    mieses finale, da freut man sich richtig druff :D
    sp0ink #7
    attax weil schwung aus IFNG
    aim0r #8
    wird eng da mTw 2 maps holen muss
    PhilipST #9
    Bei 1 Map tippe ich auf Alternate.
    ich glaube an mTw :P
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