//Alias and Smurf Usage in Warcraft III

Alias and Smurf Usage in Warcraft III

One of the most appreciated features of Warcraft3.info is to be able to understand the ladder rankings instantly. We reveal all the actual players hiding behind a fancy account name used on Battle.net or Netease.

We also developed the „Orc Brain“, a drag and drop feature that will instantly recognize a player in hiding under an alias on a replay file.

Why have players been smurfing and aliasing so much, the last 16 years? And why do we think it is fair to reveal those accounts? Let’s dig into that.

Quelle: https://warcraft3.info/articles/218/alias-and-smurf-usage-in-warcraft-iii
  1. DeNNiSG #2
    Rumsmurfen gehörte auch irgendwie immer dazu,

    große Mainaccounts wären aber auch interessant.
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