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WarCraft 3

NoWAYouT.Ger vs

NGL TWO Saison 5

finished 15.08.2008, 17:00 UhrWetten: 457
Deutschland NoWAYouT76.59%
Spieler: LeX, ROMJkE, Zeus, Edward, groove
Spieler: ex, Xenitron, redman, xek, diNGo
  • Nachtelfen Dolorian
    Gnoll Wood01:00
  • Nachtelfen Dolorian
    Echo Isles00:01
  • Untote EnTe
    Turtle Rock00:01
  • Nachtelfen Spicy
    Terenas Stand00:01
  • Ork Ic3
    Lost Temple (RoC)00:01

Deutschland / Germany nWo.Germany: DolorianIc3SpicyEnTe
Polen / Poland PGS Gaming: sLh – Paladyn – Valer – Jagr

nWo|PheNo: „HeyHo ! ! !

Our next opponent is the polish pgs-team with well known players like Paladyn or SLH. But no problem, we want to reach the NGL2 and thats the reason why we wont lose any clanwar again. This practicable scheme will be hard but realisable. So let the better nelfes win this clanwar.

GL & HF PGS, let the Nelfwars beginn.

PGS|izi: „Hello everyone ! !

Our second match in NGL two is life and death struggle with well know german team NoWAYout. After loss match against Bioxar our players are willing to prove that it was just an accident and we can do much better.
I hope that everything will go the way we want it to go this time.


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  1. bHm #1
    Wird knapp
    Wolky #2
    pgs ziemlich klar
    Ohaio #3
    paladyn klärt :D
    SiLes_ #4
    Dolo ic3 Kelthulas Spicy regeln
    Dolorian #5
    denke wird nen eindeutiges 4-0 oder 4-1 für pgs nwo hat einfach keine spieler vllt schafft spicy ja ne überraschung
    tim0711 #6
    warum so klare quoten für nwo.ger

    ich denk eher mal klare sache für pgs
    SpiCy_12291 #9 !!!
    Dolorian #10
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